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@TimHitchcock #nacbs12 Still implies a perpetual balancing, despite shifting contours. Can we know it all weighs up similarly over time? 15 Nov 12 13:17 GMT

@AlexShepard10 #nacbs12. I would go for a metaphor from modern evolutionary biology, perhaps dynamic equilibrium to capture change 15 Nov 12 06:42 GMT

NACBS after-thought: patriarchal pendulum actually the same as equilibrium. Anyone got a better metaphor for power (im)balances? #nacbs12 14 Nov 12 22:07 GMT

Back in Boston after v. exciting weekend at #nacbs12. All but last panel tremendously interesting. 12 Nov 12 22:26 GMT

RT @TimHitchcock: #nacbs12. Andrew. Duelling in 1st half of the 18th c., on the stage restricted to comedies. 11 Nov 12 22:37 GMT

Great to see all of you at #nacbs12 | Looking forward to next year in Portland 11 Nov 12 21:06 GMT

RT @TimHitchcock: #nacbs12. Andrew. Duelling in 1st half of the 18th c., on the stage restricted to comedies. 11 Nov 12 19:21 GMT

Fantastic view of Montreal from conference hotel. #nacbs2012 11 Nov 12 17:36 GMT

Thanks to @TimHitchcock for tweeting that session on 18C theatre. Am sorry to have missed it. #nacbs12 11 Nov 12 17:21 GMT

#nacbs12. The last paper in the last session is winding to a theatrical conclusion, along with the conference itself. 11 Nov 12 16:59 GMT

#nacbs12. Taylor. I am wondering if staging patriotism in the 90s reflects a privatisation of nat. Celebration? 11 Nov 12 16:41 GMT

#nacbs12. David Taylor on staging war, 1793-1801 11 Nov 12 16:39 GMT

#nacbs12. Brown. I am wondering if we should think benefit performances as like Harlem rent parties? 11 Nov 12 16:33 GMT

#nacbs12. Brown. Benefit performances involved a powerful role of 'friends' to obscure financial role. 11 Nov 12 16:27 GMT

#nacbs12. Brown. Drury Lane & covent Garden advertised over 100 benefit performances in one year 11 Nov 12 16:21 GMT

#nacbs12. Brown. Focussing on benefit theatre performances. Discussing role of patronage. The support of 'friends' 11 Nov 12 16:16 GMT

#nacbs12. Susan Brown kicking off on theatres and urban trade. 11 Nov 12 16:15 GMT

Caroline Elkins on destruction and hiding of colonial Kenyan docs. #nacbs12 see also 11 Nov 12 16:14 GMT

#nacbs12. Andrew. Concluding on the role of the newspapers as amplifiers to the role of the courts on regulating duelling. 11 Nov 12 16:12 GMT

#nacbs12. Andrew. Press reporting of duels grows substantially in the second half of the century. 11 Nov 12 16:01 GMT

#nacbs12. Andrew. Duelling in 1st half of the 18th c., on the stage restricted to comedies. 11 Nov 12 15:58 GMT

#nacbs12 Andrew. Adopting a wide definition of duelling including crimes of event in hot blood. 11 Nov 12 15:54 GMT

#nacbs12. Andrew. Comparing representations of duels in newspapers and on the stage. 11 Nov 12 15:52 GMT

#nacbs12. Donna Andrew. On Duelling on the stage! 11 Nov 12 15:51 GMT

And that's me done. Off to PHL en route to LHR so I'm going to miss the final session. Very enjoyable #nacbs12. 11 Nov 12 15:30 GMT

Todd: Patriarchal pendulum instead of patriarchal equilibrium a good way to deal with contradictions in women's status #nacbs12 11 Nov 12 15:19 GMT

Todd's comments and discussion moving into question about the changing nature of partriarchy in e-m and modern period #nacbs12 11 Nov 12 15:18 GMT

Wright: decline in privacy of the family starts with Tudors and ends with Shelley decision #nacbs12 11 Nov 12 15:08 GMT

Wright: Parens Patriae was established to increase jurisdiction over moral guardianship (non-property aspects of childrearing) #nacbs12 11 Nov 12 15:04 GMT

Wright: Expansion of guardian's role over the child's life went along with a greater assertion of jurisdiction over this role #nacbs12 11 Nov 12 15:00 GMT

Wright: After 1660 trusts allowed protection of property for the beneficiary, but did not allow for intervention on moral matters #nacbs12 11 Nov 12 14:56 GMT

Wright: Increasing ability of state to intervene in the family over the course of the 18th century #nacbs12 11 Nov 12 14:52 GMT

Wright is being really broad ranging, now taking about Tudor land inheritance law, to build an argument about privacy of family #nacbs12 11 Nov 12 14:51 GMT

Wright is rehearsing traditional argument of rise of nuclear & private family during early modern period before disputing it #nacbs12 11 Nov 12 14:46 GMT

Wright: How was the rhetoric of public and private being used to define the relationship between the family and the state? #nacbs12 11 Nov 12 14:44 GMT

Wiesser: Attentive to both religion and gender in the configurations of pain and narratives #nacbs12 #historyofemotions 11 Nov 12 14:41 GMT

Wright starts her child custody law discussion with Shelley and his marital misbehavior #nacbs12 11 Nov 12 14:41 GMT

Next up: Danaya Wright, From Trust to Parens Patriae: Public Patriarchy and Family Law in the Eighteenth-Century Chancery #nacbs12 11 Nov 12 14:38 GMT

Kippen: Portion that women brought marriage began to be seen as gift to husband, so carried no obligation of debt #nacbs12 11 Nov 12 14:33 GMT

Wiesser: dormer compares her marriage to being uponthe rack, and holiness of matrimony as something to endure #nacbs12 #historyofemotions 11 Nov 12 14:29 GMT

Kippen: Courts invested liability for maintenance with the husband since married women could not be held financially liable #nacbs12 11 Nov 12 14:28 GMT

Wiesser: Pain offerd a spirtually virtuous means for redeeming failed gender roles. #nacbs12 #historyofemotions 11 Nov 12 14:23 GMT

Kippen: Over 17C shift to stricter interp of couverture, had effect of obliterating women's financial responsibilities to offspring #nacbs12 11 Nov 12 14:20 GMT

Wiesser: how is bodily pain performed on the sickbed? #nacbs12 martyrdom shaped by Foxe, and gave men and women a set of metaphors on pain 11 Nov 12 14:20 GMT

Olivia weisser gender and martyrdom and pain in 17th C england #nacbs12 11 Nov 12 14:19 GMT

Stephens: language of martyrdom, toleration, and persecution "toolkit" for dealing with life in revolutionary England #nacbs12 11 Nov 12 14:18 GMT

Kippen: Clause in this law could allow courts to require that relations maintain children if parents were indigent #nacbs12 11 Nov 12 14:17 GMT

Kippen: Obligation to maintain children could fall to the grandparents under the Elizabethan Poor Law which was passed in 1601 #nacbs12 11 Nov 12 14:15 GMT

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